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Here's what kids say about Rob Currie's book, Hunger Winter.


"Out of one million stars, I would rate it two million stars it was so good." Rosa


"On a scale of one to ten, it is a twenty." Alan


"Amazing story! One of my favorite books ever!"  Ryan


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"I really enjoyed it. I  never thought I'd be interested in World War II but now I really am." Grace


"It was a great book. I wish there were other books written like yours." Jackson


"11 out of 10." Joshua




Here's what parents say about Rob Currie's new book, Hunger Winter.

"My son read it with great interest. He said it was very exciting, especially where Dirk and his dad fight the German soldier. He loved reading it." Amy


"My son devoured the book. When he needed to read another book for school, he said, 'But I want another book like Rob Currie's book." Tim


"My daughter loved the book! She asked me to buy it for her." Tonya

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